VATA Envisage is a suit of unique indicators which show potential turning points in markets and use multiple intelligent filters to function. VATA Envisage works as a standalone strategy and also acts as a supporting tool in all sorts of strategies including Trend Reversal, Trend Continuation and Breakout.

  • Make better informed decisions, less chart noise and less emotions
  • Early trend change warnings to manage your positions wisely
    Use Envisage Dashboard to monitor multiple markets for signals
  • Use as a standalone trading strategy or with your strategy
  • Simplify your trading style

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What do I get?
  • VATA Envisage Indicator Suit Package
  • Training & Strategies Videos
  • Self Help Installation Video Guides
What payment methods are available?
  • Secured Payment Gateway (Stripe) Accepts All Credit And Debits Cards
  • If You Want To Subscribe For Annual License, An Offline Payment Can Be Made Using PayPal, Skrill, and Bank Transfer. Please Contact Us.
How do I purchase?
Open a free account here on and then from your account page you will have an option to purchase and download. Watch this video and other videos guides available under Installation section of this page.
Is there a trial version?
What the main features?
  1. Compatible with the current version of MT4 on Windows
  2. Trades Forex, Stock Indices, Cryptocurrencies and Commodities such as Gold, Silver and Oil
  3. Great tool for Multi Time Frame Analysis
  4. Non repaint once conditions have been fulfilled by the algo (mode dependent)
  5. Can be used as standalone signal generating indicator
  6. Acts as great entry and exit confirmation tool to maximise profits
  7. Analyses market strength and weakness with true direction
  8. Minimises trader’s work by providing a guidance in analysis
  9. Aims to avoid market noise with its simplicity
  10. Assists in predicting market reversal points
How accurate is VATA Envisage?
It depends on how you use it. We suggest that you check out the strategies section of this page and see how it can help you in making the best of the decisions. Depending on the mode that you choose, it can be very accurate tool for your strategy.
What platforms does it work on?
We are currently working on multiple development project to support TradingView and other platforms. At the moment it works only on MT4 installed on windows. If you do not have MT4 it is available for free. See the “How to Download MT4” video in the installation section. If you are looking to install it on Mac, please watch the “Installation On Mac” video.
Does it work on mobile?
It has capability of sending VATA Envisage alerts to your iOS (iPhones), Android, Huawei and Windows phones. See the MT4 Alerts set up guide.
What markets are supported?
It supports all markets which are provided by your MT4 broker. Brokers such as FxPro support Forex, Metals (Gold, Silver, Copper etc.), Futures, Indices, US Stocks, UK Stocks, Regional Stocks and much more. VATA Envisage can be used on all of those markets.
Can it work on more than 1 computer at a time?
One license allows it to run on one computer only. But if you are using multiple computers such as Home and/Or Office then you can install VATA Envisage on both computers’ MT4 and switch the license. Switching license is simply the change in ComputerId in your profile which take 5 minutes. Once changed the license will shift automatically from one computer to the other one in 5 minutes or so and it will start working.
Can I cancel the subscription anytime?
Yes you can. Subscriptions are annual, quarterly and monthly (if available). As they are subscription and not one time buy, they are auto renewed unless cancelled. So make sure you cancel them at least two business days before the next billing cycle to avoid getting charged further. You can do this either by letting us know from here , sending an email to, sending a direct message to us via telegram or from your account page at
Are Refunds Allowed?
No, we can not and do not offer any refunds under any circumstances. Please try it using a trial version before you subscribe. Read the refund policy here. However you can cancel your subscription at least 2 business days before the next billing date as per cancellation terms.
Can you help us with the installation?
Installation is pretty easy and straight forward. Check our the self help videos under the installation section of this page. If you are still facing any problems, please contact us.
Do I get free upgrades?
Yes you do, unless there is a major version of new product/service. You will get free upgrades for life as long as you you use that product series.
Is there any training/strategy available on how to use VATA Envisage?
Yes, Please see the Strategies section of this page. They are there for free. This will be regularly updated. You will also get notifications of new videos as and when updated in the chat room.
Can I use VATA Envisage with my strategy?
Yes definitely! See the Strategies section of this page. In there you will notice that it can be used with almost every style of trading. We will add more videos to that page for free training. Let us know if you want us to make video on using VATA Envisage with your strategy.
Can I share my VATA with someone?
No, Strictly not. That will be considered at a violation of terms and an act of piracy. This will result in cancellation of your subscription without any refunds and notice. As a subscriber you must not support piracy and must respect the licensing terms. The software is strictly for your own use only. 
Can I use VATA for commercial use such as providing signals or with trading firms?
No, Strictly not. That will be considered at a violation of terms. This will result in cancellation of your subscription without any refunds and notice. As a subscriber you must not support piracy and must respect the licensing terms. The software is strictly for your own use only. 
What are Terms and Conditions?
They are available here and also a concise version is available as part of your downloads (if applicable). However the one on the website supersedes all. These can change at any time without any prior notice.

Follow These Simple Steps To Start Using VATA Envisage:

  1. Register for a free account on
  2. Subscribe to VATA_Envisage_Monthly, VATA_Envisage_Annual or VATA_Trial from subscriptions tab under My Account. Watch The Video Guide
  3. Make sure that your subscription is active. Watch The Video Guide
  4. Go to “Subscriptions” tab in My Account on and download the VATA Envisage zip file. Watch The Video Guide
  5. If you want a free unzipping software download:
  6. On your MT4, make sure that you have DLL switched on Tools>Options>Expert Advisors. Watch The Video Guide
  7. Install indicator files in your Windows MT4 and go to Profile tab under My Account and fields to provide MT4 account numbers, Computer Id etc. Watch The Video Guide
  8. Make sure that the VATA_Envisage_License shows “License Active” in green. (If you are using Trial version, select VATA_Trial as your subscription type in the license settings)
  9. Make sure that the chart running VATA_License is always running in the back ground. Never close it. Watch The Video Guide
  10. Install VATA_Envisage_Dashboard and others as per instruction video. Video Guide: Watch The Video Guide
  11. Enjoy and trade better now!

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