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We have the best coverage on Gold (XAUUSD) analysis in video format going back to more than 1 year which has recorded our performance and effectiveness of our analysis over time. This can be accessed in the public domain here

Dollar Index (DXY):

In 2021 majority of analysts and media have been portraying a picture of DXY falling to very low levels. We produced an unbiased analysis which showed us that Dollar was going to be very bullish. In fact there were indications of it going parabolic. DXY jumped from 89.9 level to 97 as expected.


Bitcoin: (BTCUSD)

Irrespective of hype in late 2020, we produced technical analysis which worked out exactly how we anticipated. We ignored the noise and posted this in the public domain:


Silver: (XAGUSD)

If you remember there was huge hype on Silver squeeze on Reddit? We ignored the hype and produced and traded our unbiased analysis.


Latest Silver Analysis (Public Domain):

$XAGUSD Silver Long Term Structure Analysis by vikinsa

Gold: (XAUUSD)

In 2021 when corona virus news came Gold picked up momentum and became parabolic. At the time nearly all major media outlets and analysts were suggesting gold to reach 3000 or even 5000 dollars. We looked at the gold objectively and realistically and reported that it was going to fall to 1680 level.


Latest Gold Analysis (Public Domain):

$XAUUSD Full Long Term Structure Analysis #Gold #XAUUSD by vikinsa