Vikinsa Fibonacci Core Strategy ProgramOur FCP Strategy Training Program is one of the most comprehensive trading education program available. We understand that trading is not an easy business and it takes a lot of effort to be a profitable trader. There are millions of strategies, indicators, systems and courses are available to distract us from where we want to be. There are more confusions and distractions than solutions. In our opinion, the best technical trader is the one who understands price action and has simplicity in their trading style. Trading needs to be first simple to become easy. 

Our program is based on Price Action Study, Momentum Observation, Fibonacci Ratios, FCP Patterns, Trend Assessment. Confluence of these simple yet powerful methods makes technical analysis simpler and easier to understand, repeat and execute. 



Best points of FCP Methodology:

  1. Mathematical approach: The whole methodology is based on very simple Fibonacci numbers i.e. maths that gives the best accuracy
  2. Structured: It follow a structured and layered approach in analysis and execution
  3. Rules based: To eliminate subjectivity and emotions, nearly 95% of the methodology is strictly rules based.
  4. Applicable to all markets: It works in all markets if enough historical data is available. 
  5. Supports all trading styles: As this is rule and structure based methodology, it works on all time frames. It can be used for scalping, day trading, position trading.
  6. Indicators Free: It does not require any indicator. However if needed, indicators can be used with this.
  7. Supports Trading Psychology: All rules and regulations of FCP trading plan support building the correct trading psychology.

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GBPUSD 1200 PIPs Winner - Vikinsa Fibonacci Conflueence Trading

Fibonacci confluence-based analysis and is very profitable because of not many traders know about it and it is not easy to learn unless you are taught in a particular way. Fibonacci based trading is very predictable and has potential to be very accurate thereby giving traders advantage to pre-plan their trades and improve their rewards with minimal risks. The Fibonacci patterns and structure are repeated in the markets on all time frames making it suitable for scalping, day trading and position trading. If used with other confluence contextual factors such as moving averages, trend lines, Bollinger bands RSI, support/resistance and supply/demand, they can become very accurate.

We use what we teach. For example (see the chart), We used the same method to short trade GBPUSD since November and across various trades made around 640 PIPs with high accuracy. This became 1200 pips winner ultimately. Our full analysis is on ForexFactory and TradingView.

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