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We are
a new investment ideas, market research and advisory firm based in London

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We work for

Private Clients, Families, Funds and Institutions

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We bring
accuracy and profitability
to drive maximum growth

Our discretionary & algorithmic
strategies produce
addictive results

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We give
consistent performance across markets

We research, analyse, trade & train in Forex, Indices,
Equities, Fixed Income & Commodities

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What We Do
Market Analysis & Trading
Vikinsa Disccretionary Trading

With years of experience in financial markets, we pride ourselves in being disciplined, accurate and consistent performers.

Algorithmic Trading
Vikinsa Disccretionary Trading

Our research and development of quantitative and algorithmic trading is backed by our own years of experience in high performing discretionary trading strategies.


We use our simplistic yet powerful FCP Strategy (tm) principles of elite performance to inspire new and experienced traders.

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Vikinsa Capital Management – Proprietary Discretionary, Algorithmic Trading, Training & Money Management