Being originally from an IT background with vast 17 years of experience in designing and building highly complex IT systems for multinational investment banks and their hedge funds clients, Vik found a natural connection to financial markets. He started learning forex trading himself with his financial background knowledge in 2011 alongside his regular job. He quit his award-winning career as an IT consultant in 2014 and started manual trading and development of trading algorithms for himself.

He initially traded London AIM stock market for some time where he traded few stocks such as QPP, QFI, AFS, SEE and TOM successfully but soon realised that most of the AIM market was extremely manipulated and usually had very low liquidity. He then started trading FTSE 100 (Barclays and Lloyds) shares to avoid manipulations however they did not have as many opportunities as Forex markets. Forex market allowed him to trade on multiple time frames, multiple currency pairs, and both long as well as short. As the gained technical analysis knowledge could be applied to any markets, he found himself more natural with the forex, indices,commodities, US stocks and forex options.

He is still involved in active development of few algorithms for his own trading purposes. Vik found his niche in Forex trading where he uses his Confluence Trading Techniques to trade currency markets. His techniques involve Price Action Study, Momentum
Observation, Fibonacci Ratios, Harmonic Patterns, Trend Assessment etc. Vik strives to be very accurate in his market analysis and trading.
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