Managing trades on local computers/laptops can be risky at times. There are several reasons for this, including greater control over their personal computers, and avoiding computer glitches such as technical difficulties, unexpected shutdowns, and Internet disconnects. Using a VPS (Virtual Private Server) which is basically a remote computer with blazing fast and nearly always connected to the internet is the best way. We at Vikinsa Caputal Management use several VPS providers including Amazon Web Services and few local hosting providers. Here are few of our recommendations:

Router Hosting:

  • Multiple locations worldwide. So choose the nearest possible location to your broker for fast execution.
  • They are cheaper than the cheapest
  • Great connectivity and uptime
  • Windows options is also cheap so that MT4 can be installed.
  • Remote desktop is available
  • No contract (if corresponding package chosen). Cancel any time.
  • We use them for our VATA AiFxHarvester auto trader testing and few manual trade management operations.

Click here to visit and purchase a VPS with them. 

Disclaimer: This is our recommendation based purely on our own experience. You are responsible for your engagement with them directly.