Gold Is Down By 200 Dollars Since June 2022- What Happened?


Hope you are well and having a great trading week. Gold (XAUUSD) has been slipping. Ukraine war and other so called fundamentals have not been able to contain its gradual fall. One factor to blame will be the strength of DXY (Dollar Index) but that is not all. Although it still plays out, Gold-DXY correlation has not been that strong in recent years. If you notice, both DXY and Gold have been going up together too. A chart below will show a comparison of these 2. Thee are sections of market movements which have been directly correlated instead of inversely correlated. So the point is that we can not blame completely DXY for the fall in gold either.

DXY Versus Gold On Multi Year Basis

So what it could be. In the June 2022, in our multi time frame analysis study we found that Gold was destined for more fall. Our proprietary FCP methodology indicated that more pain was in the store for the precious metal. Silver also came into the agreement with the gold. Silver was looking like this: Silver Long Term Analysis

We have been expecting a multi month/year fall in Gold (XAUUSD) as posted here:

In our premium analysis report we collected all the factors on this huge opportunity and send out to the subscribers. The fall has been slow yet significant and has resulted approximately 200 dollar worth on gold price.

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