What Is It?
Analysis is a plan that can be converted into investment or trading opportunity. In this day and age of information overload, making a good decision based on market analysis can be extremely difficult. Social media is usually loaded with misinformation, hypes, personal agendas and noise. With the recent rise in hype based social investing & trading it is even harder to trust any particular source.

Our market analysis is truly independent. We firmly believe in looking at a market with unbiased eyes and produce a hype free analysis. We ignore misinformation and focus on what has been working in markets for decades.

This gives us a better ability to focus on creating a well articulated and formulated technical analysis. This gives our clients an unbiased view of a market which they can turn into real investment and trading opportunities. These insights are unique and exclusive to you only.

We use our in-house built proprietary tools and very effective FCP methodology (TM) to produce high quality technical analysis

Best Points:

  1. “Trade What Your See” objectivity based analysis
  2. Unique and exclusive. Only you will have these amazing insights!
  3. Impartial and unbiased. Practically hype and misinformation free
  4. Opportunities and risk levels
  5. Expected profit targets
  6. Simple explanation of technical analysis
  7. Video format along with supporting documents (if any) to explain all conditions
  8. Coverage of nearly all markets which can support technical analysis

Order Your Technical Analysis

Who Is It For?How Does It Work?How Is It Different?Terms

Who Is It For?
Our bespoke market technical analysis can be used by any one who is dealing in financial markets i.e. Money Managers, Portfolio Managers, Wealth Managers, Private Individual Investors, Institutional Traders and Investors, Private Individuals and Accredited Investors. It fits every one because we all are dealing in the same underlying market at different levels and under different categories. For example a full technical analysis of Tesla, Gold, EURUSD or Bitcoin will be helpful to anyone who is interested in trading of investing in these markets.

How Does It Work?
A full technical analysis of a market can be ordered online. If you have any key questions or concerns please mention them during the order.

This analysis:

  1. Is a Top-down Multi Time Frame noise free analysis covering nearly all relevant time frames. This helps with the full picture of the market.
  2. Unbiased technical analysis which gives a full picture of the market and possible scenarios
  3. Explain the overall bias of the market and key turning points
  4. Explains reasons in simple terms behind all possible eventualities.
  5. In a video format with supporting documents so make it as user friendly as possible

You also get:

  1. One free revision to the analysis if and when needed. If required the whole analysis will be redone and sent to you.
  2. Ability to ask non technical and non decision making questions. We can help you with understanding certain aspects of the analysis.

How Is It Different To Our Public Domain Work?

  1. Professionally produced and delivered
  2. Use of our proprietary algorithmic tools and methods to produce market analysis
  3. Better key levels, their explanations of importance
  4. Not publicly posted. You have exclusive access to the analysis

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Please note that by ordering an analysis you are agreeing to these terms and conditions along with the general terms and conditions of Vikinsa.com including refund policy
  2. We will only be able to issue a refund if we are not able to produce a technical analysis of your market as per our guidelines. You may also choose to request to analyse a different market instead of the a refund.
  3. Analysis produced it just for you. You are not supposed to share it with general public and that includes sharing your account info with others. We reserve the right to block your account without any notice or refunds.
  4. Analysis is just for educational purposes. This will be to educate you on the market structure and represents our views only. They are not financial advice of any sort. Vikinsa.com, its parent company and associates (including sister companies and employees) are not responsible for your losses in any way. Your must take an advice of a financial adviser if you are concerned about the risks associated with investing and trading in financial markets. You will find details terms and disclaimer on our website below.
  5. We follow a very standard approach to produce our analysis. There may be limitations based depending on the market that we are analysing. This will be reflected in the report that we will send. Also the analysis is primarily technical but there may be elements of fundamental analysis too.

Examples Of Our Unbiased Analysis & Results:

(These publicly posted analysis. The bespoke analysis will be far better in terms of quality.)

Stock Market Correction/Crash Jan 2022Dollar Index (DXY)Bitcoin (BTCUSD)Silver (XAGUSD)Gold (XAUUSD)

Stock Market Correction/Crash Jan 2022:

Towards the end of Dec 2021, we spotted several factors across the board which could lead to a good correction in the market. We focused on 6 parts i.e. VIX (Volatility Index(, US30 (Dow Jones), NASDAQ, Apple Stock Price, Amazon Stock Price and DXY (Dollar Index). With our proprietary analysis technique and tools we analysed the markets and published our findings on our social channels.

📉🔻Stock Market Crash Or Correction? -  Bearish Targets Hit! 🎯🙂Technical Analysis On What Happened

📉🔻Stock Market Crash Or Correction? - Bearish Targets Hit! 🎯🙂Technical Analysis On What Happened

Dollar Index (DXY):

In 2021 majority of analysts and media have been portraying a picture of DXY falling to very low levels. We produced an unbiased analysis which showed us that Dollar was going to be very bullish. In fact there were indications of it going parabolic. DXY jumped from 89.9 level to 97 as expected.


Bitcoin (BTCUSD):

Irrespective of hype in late 2020, we produced technical analysis which worked out exactly how we anticipated. We ignored the noise and posted this in the public domain:


Silver (XAGUSD):

If you remember there was huge hype on Silver squeeze on Reddit? We ignored the hype and produced and traded our unbiased analysis.


Latest Silver Analysis (Public Domain):

$XAGUSD Silver Long Term Structure Analysis by vikinsa

Gold (XAUUSD):

In 2021 when corona virus news came Gold picked up momentum and became parabolic. At the time nearly all major media outlets and analysts were suggesting gold to reach 3000 or even 5000 dollars. We looked at the gold objectively and realistically and reported that it was going to fall to 1680 level.


Latest Gold Analysis (Public Domain):

$XAUUSD Full Long Term Structure Analysis #Gold #XAUUSD by vikinsa

Bespoke Market Analysis Report: £399.99