Our own trading techniques involve Price Action Study, Momentum Observation, Fibonacci Ratios, Harmonic Patterns, Trend Assessment etc.  These techniques are a result of long and excruciating personal trading journey experiences. In our experience the simplest form of analysis with minimal usage of indicators is the best for trading. We employ a very simple yet extremely powerful and accurate strategy of analysing confluence of Price Action with Fibonacci, Bollinger bands, Moving averages. While price action is the king of all technical analysis, we use standard Fibonacci tool along with it to predict market movement accurately. Bollinger Bands, and few moving average confluence with Fibonacci levels and price structure give us extra confirmation to enter or exit a market. The best thing about this technical analysis technique is that is can be used in all financial markets including Forex, Stocks, Options, Cryptocurrencies and Commodities.

Here is an example of powerful and accurate analysis on USOIL which predicted a breakout days before it actually happened and USOIL rose by 40% in few days. The post has been viral on LinkedIn and had been trending for days.

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Vikinsa OIL Prediction Post Viral Trending LinkedIn OilAndGas