Is USOIL Ready To Fall & NATGAS To Rise Further? WTI & NATGAS Technical Analysis & Forecast – Aug 21, 2022

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USOIL has been taking a correction after a major multi month heavy move. Now this correction is about to reach an FCP zone which can push the price up. But until then as we can clearly see on the smaller time frames, an FCP M pattern is pushing the price down. The mid point has been broker and tested. So in coming days it is possible for the OIL to fall further and then bounce up from 80-76 area. VATA Envisage is also showing similar sort of targets.

Crude Oil Short Target with FCP M pattern
Crude OIL (WTI) On VATA Envisage Monthly Showing Targets


NATGAS on the other hand is trying to reach a round number 10. It is inside an FCP zone and 10 is very close so I am interested in buying it. I will rather look for short positions. I will only buy if I get a major breakout from 10 level. VATA Envisage is showing 10.08 as monthly target. This market warrants care and heave risk management at the moment.

Natural Gas Chart With FCP Analysis
Natural Gas (NATGAS) On VATA Envisage Monthly Showing Targets

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