Stock Market Trading- Vikinsa Capital Management

An equity market facilitates the issuing and trading  of shares, either through regulated exchanges or over-the-counter (OTC) markets. Buyers and sellers meet in equities markets for the purpose trading listed stocks. In equity market sellers ask for a specific price of a stock and investors bid for them by offering a certain price.

Listed companies sell their stocks to raise money for their business. These stocks are broken into smaller chunks called shares which are traded in the equities market.

With about USD 84 Billion worth of daily market transactions world wide, equities market has always been an investor and trader favourite alike.

At Vikinsa Capital Management, swing trade only major US stocks such as Google, Tesla, Amazon, Netflix, Uber etc. because of their liquidity, low spread and better price actions. While our list of preferred stocks to trade is small, we use our highly accurate strategies to trade them accurately and with high consistency and probability.