Indices Market Trading- Vikinsa Capital Management And index is performance basket of securities usually in a particular sector or category of a financial market. It indicates how these securities e.g. stocks are performing collectively. The S&P 500 (Standard & Poor 500) or SPX are common benchmarks for American stock market they this index comprises the best top 500 companies listed on US stock market.

Because of their liquidity and momentum based on individual constituent stocks and indices provide a great opportunity to trade. Instead of targeting a particular stock or sector, an index provide a better alternative option.

At Vikinsa Capital Management we trade the biggest and best indices including S&P500, NASDAQ100, US30, DE30 (Germany 30), FTSE100 (UK100), DollarIndex (DXY) & Nifty50. These provide the best opportunities and exposure across major economies throughout the world. Our in house trading uses a specific disciplined approach to analyse and trade indices.