A fund actively trading global indices including Dow (US30), SnP500 (SPX), NASDAQ (NAS100), Russel 2000, DAX, FTSE, Nifty and others using FCP strategy and proprietary VATA algorithms.

Fund Name : Vikinsa Global Indices Investment Fund
Fund Category : Absolute Alpha
Fund Style : Quantitative
Fund Domicile : London (United Kingdom)
Lock-in : Minimum 120 days
Entry Fee / Exit Fee :  Nil / Nil
Management Fee : Nil
Hurdle Rate :  1.10% monthly return
Performance Fee : 90% of the excess returns above 1.10% monthly hurdle rate
High Watermark :  Applicable
Minimum Return : Minimum Monthly Return of 1.10% : assured through Strategic Reserve
Minimum Investment :  USD 10,000
Incremental Investment :  USD 1,000
Subscription : First working day of the month with a notice of min. 1 banking day
Redemption : First working day of the month with a notice of min. 15 banking days
NAV Periodicity :  Monthly