1. MT4 has built-in facility of supporting mobile alerts and can sent alerts to MT4 mobile apps. VATA uses the same facility. To use this facility you must first configure MT4 in proper way. This set up has nothing to do with VATA and of part of standard MT4 set up. So google it if needed.
  2. Make sure that you have MT4 running on windows all the time. If Internet connection is lost or computer shuts down you will not receive alerts as they are sent by windows MT4 directly. If you think you will lose internet connection, power or computer connectivity the best way is to rent a cheap VPS and run your MT4 there without any interruptions. VPS (Virtual Private Server) a cheap remote windows computer that you hire but not own. It costsĀ around USD 7 a month. It runs in a efficient and robust infrastructure. It has high speed internet connectivity. We recommend this VPS provider: RouterHosting
  3. This video shows how to set up mobile alerts in general in MT4 app:
  4. This video shows how to set up email alerts with MT4:
  5. Once this config is ready, go to Dashboard or respective VATA indicators and switch the Alert setting on. See the settings guide which came in the package that you downloaded. It has details on alert settings. Settings guide can also be found here: