Easy 7 Steps:

  1. Open a new live trading account with one of our preferred brokers by clicking our referral links below. (Note: Your invested capital is at risk.)
    1. ICMarkets
    2. GoMarkets
    3. Exness
    4. FPMarkets
    5. XM Global Partners
    6. EightCap
  2. If you already have an account with these brokers, contact the broker or fill their online form for “Partner/Referrer Change”  and get your live trading account associated with us. The table below shows our referral codes that you must give the broker.
    Exness7fr87ymqfh  (https://one.exnesstrack.net/a/7fr87ymqfh)
    XM Global Partners342613
  3. Once the account is ready, make a deposit of minimum USD 100 in your live trading account. The account must be a live account.
  4. After that fill this form (click the link) to notify us of your trading account.
  5. Register for a free account with the same email address on vikinsa.com. You will be granted access on that email address.
  6. Wait for us to verify and grant access to your email address.
  7. You will be sent an email with confirmation for download access, installation access, training videos and discord access. VATA Free trial will work only on the live configured account. Full access will be valid for 1 month.
  8. Optional Step: We suggest using VPS server for VATA Envisage also. If you want to use VPS server for your VATA Envisage Algo, we suggest these VPS providers.

For FAQs and other information visit VATA Envisage Algo page here.