Seriously impressed

I have just finished my 4th lesson with Vik, and I am going to make a “third of the course” type of assessment.
I have been fortunate enough to be able to afford a couple of training courses with very well known names that wrote well respected books about trading but the overall impression left with me was that the trading is subjective. As a mathematician, this has never sat well with me. I have heard of Vik’s methodology and decided to enrol. So far I am seriously impressed because his approach is exactly the approach taken by mathematicians or science people when they define a new system. It has to be accurate, it has to eliminate the subjectivity, it has to have a simple and rigorous language defined and it has to show repetitive results in similar situations and everything has to make sense.
Not only Vik’s method is rigorous, but Vik himself has a clear, simple approach to implement his methodology. And Vik is the only one of my teachers that align the student with the approach of the big money (big funds, banks, etc) Vik is the only one starting the analysis of the market with the monthly time frame. I will comment again at the end of the course. My expectations were very high before the course and I could say that after 4 lessons, Vik exceeded those expectations

-Dan Dumitrescu

(Gave a feedback after the 4th class)