Classes fundamentally change my trading behaviour

I totally agree with Vik. I believe the Market is the toughest and best teacher for one own’s shortcomings. Until i came to trading, I have been successful in what i have been doing, in spite of my 2 main issues: impulsiveness and lack of discipline. In trading, you are facing alone the Beast, and your flaws show in full, they are not diminished by the group, company performance. I have never been so humiliated in my life. The Market punishes us for our lack of impatience, discipline, and therefore lack of consistency. Trading is like flying jets, we can go for hours well, but a single mistake will crash the plane. Luckily, in trading we get up and if we learn from our mistake, (I mean LEARN , get that bug out of your unconscious behaviour into the consciousness and FIX it once for ever), one day soon we will fly without crashing. As Vik teaches in his course, Risk Management is paramount and the most important, then comes the accuracy and the attention to detail in your analysis. I have done classes with known and respected teachers before but I can’t say enough how Vik’s coaching through his classes fundamentally change my trading behaviour. I don’t know if Vik himself realises how great and impactful his methodology is.

-Dan Dumitrescu

(Gave a feedback after 1 months of course completion)