Profound understanding of Fibonacci concepts in Technical Analysis

I have been a professional trader for many years and have recently wanted to apply skills towards currencies. I realised these markets were quite technical, but my technical analysis skills weren’t up to scratch and found Vikinsa’s course online. I decided to give this a go, after spending some time in their telegram channel and understanding the emphasis Vik put in learning the concepts than just providing signals.
I must say, the course surpassed all my expectations. Vik teaches TA from the ground up and provides a deep understanding of price action and fibonnacci, with clear rules to follow. I now find myself applying these concepts on all markets and it has revolutionized the way I approach trading. Vik is also very much available at all times and gives complete dedication towards the student, ensuring they grasp concepts rather than memorising them. The key is putting this together into a complete trading plan and risk management system, and this is also provided too. I cannot recommend the course highly enough – the fee is undervalued as you will make money from this!
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5 Star Rating Vikinsa Capital Management TrustPilot