I was amazed to see the results… Gung-ho!

I am a skilled stocks trader and I have been trading in stocks since paper trading (before internet) days. But when I switched to currency markets, I found myself going wrong in majority of trades due to their more of technical nature.
For more than 3 years, I have been following Vikinsa’s YouTube channel and I have seen the majority of his trading journey and results. I always found his technical analysis accurate and useful in his videos.

So, I decided to learn this black magic! from Vikinsa’s Online course for “Fibonacci Core Strategy Program (FCP)”. After finishing online live training with Vik I have surpassed all of my own expectations.
Most important is the way he teaches Fibonacci & Price action with very easy rules. Once I started applying my learning on the live market, I was amazed to see the results. As if I am commanding the market to touch the price and then go to the target where I wanted. You should follow his work regularly to see the results for yourself.

Over this entire time period that I have been watching his work and known him, I have understood that he is the Zen Master of Fibonacci and very humble servant to the markets. I will highly recommend him.

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5 Star Rating Vikinsa Capital Management TrustPilot