Giving back and helping is saying Thank You to the universe that gives us everything in our lives.
Remember, we get to keep what we are grateful for. That’s Karma!
Help someone and show gratitude.
Help someone, give back and get more.

VATA Envisage is a suit of unique indicators which show potential turning points in markets and use multiple intelligent filters to function. VATA Envisage works as a standalone strategy and also acts as a supporting tool in all sorts of strategies including Trend Reversal, Trend Continuation and Breakout.

  • Make better informed decisions, less chart noise and less emotions
  • Early trend change warnings to manage your positions wisely
    Use Envisage Dashboard to monitor multiple markets for signals
  • Use as a standalone trading strategy or with your strategy
  • Simplify your trading style

Let’s Help Someone To Help Ourselves.
Get Fully Functional VATA Envisage (Worth USD 150/month)
For 1 Month For Min USD 30. (Offered Only In June 2021)



  1. Join this telegram group. This is the only one that you must be using. There will not be any response on any other telegram group. This is where you will find more instructions.
  2. Make a small donation (minimum USD 30) to this campaign as below. More donations are welcome. Remember you are helping someone in need. This campaign and case is fully verified by authorities.
    1. Make Donation On This Campaign Page:
    2. More Details:
      Campaigner’s NameFredrick Otieno Aloo
      ReasonMedical Treatment Of His Brother (see campaign link for details:
      Phone00254720914385 or 00254720914385
      Telegram Id
  3. You will receive an email from the campaign ( after your donation. Forward this email to and wait. Please be patient with the set up.
  4. Do not expect a refund or step by step support as this is for charity and we are all helping out a bit. See terms of use of VATA here.
  5. Register for a free account on with the same email address as your donation.
  6. We will set your account up for VATA Trial.
  7. Go through the FAQs and self-help installation steps to install VATA Envisage on Windows MT4 computer. Please do not expect too much guidance. Do it yourself by following easy steps listed here on this page:
  8. Go through the training videos properly.
  9. Manage your risk and trade well.
  10. Thank you!


Please note:

  1. There can not be any refunds of any sort as fund are going to the charity campaign directly.
  2. We (Vikinsa)  can not assume full responsibility of the campaign run by the campaigner. Please contact relevant authorities for more info if needed.