1. VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a cheap remote Windows computer that you hire but do not own. It is cost-effective. It runs an efficient and robust infrastructure. It has high-speed internet connectivity.

We use and recommend these providers:

2. Once you have got that from a third-party provider which I can recommend, you will be sent an IP address (host), username and password. This takes 10 minutes max.

3. You go to the iTunes store and download Microsoft Remote Desktop app on your Mac.

4. Then put in that IP address, username and password and press start or connect.

5. It will connect to the remote server that you have hired. In the Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP) window, it will show as if you are running a Windows computer locally. But do not worry there is no sort of interaction of that remote computer to your local Mac machine.

6. On this remote computer you can install, open and do any work you like as you do on your local Windows computer.

7. Once you are done, you can simply close Microsoft RDP software. Closing that software will still keep the remote computer running and connected to high-speed broadband.

8. To run VATA, you need an MT4 account. If you have a broker already you can simply ask them or download their Windows version of MT4 on that remote computer and install. Downloading is the same i.e. open the browser on the remote computer and download by clicking the link.

9. If you do not have an MT4 from a broker, I can recommend a good one. You do not have to pay them. You simply can open a demo account (takes 5 min).

10. Once MT4 is installed on the remote Windows computer, log in to it using userid and password given by the broker.

11. Follow simple VATA Envisage installation instructions on how to install VATA on MT4.


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Recommended MT4 Platform Brokers:


Recommended VPS Hosting Providers:


Download VATA Envisage Settings Guide: VATA Envisage Settings & Guidelines