VATA Trend is a unique indicator which shows potential turning points in the market and uses multiple intelligent filters to function. Although the core functionality of this indicator is Trend Reversal identification, it can also be used for Trend Continuation and Breakout trading strategies as well. Please watch the video below which explains with examples.

VATA Trend Algorithm: Automated Long, Short and Breakout Trading Signals
VATA Trend Algorithm: Automated Long, Short and Breakout Trading Signals
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What Is It?

How To Download & Install?

What Are The Features?

Any Example?

What you’ll get

The algorithm behind the indicator assesses market momentum, strength and direction to show potential turning points with the help of 2 parts. The bottom part shows strength and direction and the upper part (arrows) give signal for a potential reversal. Once the algorithm has confirmed that all required conditions have been fulfilled, it gives out an alert which can be configured to be a Sound Alert, Pop Up Alert and a Mobile Notification. With mobile notifications you can benefit from receiving good potential trading opportunities on your mobile devices wherever you are.

The algorithm can be used either as a standalone signal generator to enter and exit a market without or as a confirmation tool along with your existing trading strategy and manual analysis. This tool is being used by us on daily basis for our own in house trading and gives us a very good confirmation.


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Features & Benefits

  1. Compatible with the current version of MT4
  2. Trades Forex, Stock Indices, Cryptocurrencies and Commodities such as Gold, Silver and Oil
  3. Great tool for Multi Time Frame Analysis
  4. Non repaint once conditions have been fulfilled by the algo
  5. Can be used as standalone signal generating indicator
  6. Acts as great entry and exit confirmation tool to maximise profits
  7. Generates reversal signals interpreting as breakout signals
  8. Analyses market strength and weakness with true direction
  9. Minimises trader’s work by providing a guidance in analysis
  10. Aims to avoid market noise with its simplicity
  11. Assists in predicting market reversal points
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What platforms it is compatible with?
It is currently compatible with the latest version Metratrader 4(MT4).

Looks Great! How do I order it?
Register your Free Vikinsa Membership here: Go to “My Account”. You will see 2 subscription boxes below. Chose your subscription, pay by any card (it is secured). Once your order is complete, go to “Profile” screen and enter your MT4 Live and Demo account numbers. Make sure that they are 100% correct as the license will be issued for those accounts only. Once done, go to Contact Us ( page and send us a message stating your full name, emailid that you used during payment. We will be in touch shortly thereafter to send you the VATA Trend Algo Indicator.

How long will it take to receive my algorithm?
Once we have received your order and account information (trading platform and account number) our coding team will aim to get your algorithm dispatched within 24 hours during normal working hours Monday – Friday.

Is it sufficient to trade the markets?
The tool provides the best signals and eliminates a lot of manual effort for you but as trader you must still adhere to proper risk and trade management strategy. We advise that you use this tool along with your technical analysis knowledge. It is an assisting tool not an expert adviser.

Who built this algorithm?
Our algorithms have been built and assembled in-house by our team. Vikas Aggarwal has built most of the algorithms and has passed though a vigorous back and forward testing process over years. They have been successfully used in our own in-house trading.

What support do I get with the algorithm?
Along with your algorithm, you will also receive a step by step guide on how to install and setup your algorithm onto your charts. An email support is also available if you are struggling on loading the algorithm onto your charts.

Is there a trial version?
No unfortunately not. You must commit to one month minimum and can extend on monthly of annual basis. We run discounts on our products from time to time. So contact us for an exclusive discount. 

Can I use this for account management?
Yes, you can use it for your personal trading or account management for your clients. It will simply work only on one demo and one live MT4 account. But beware that sharing and reselling of this software is not allowed and you may lose your license if any violation is observed. 

What are the terms of use?
Buyer assumes all the responsibility of their trading results due to the usage of this algorithm. All sales are final with no refund. Each license is issued for one single MT4 demo and one MT4 live trading accounts so as to avoid duplication and piracy. The indicator will not work on any MT4 account other than the one is licensed for. If you want to use it on a demo and alive account, please let us know before hand. If you change your account a re-license fee will apply. Unless otherwise stated. For subscription based indicator, your license will expire every month and will be renewed automatically after clearing of funds. Please see full terms here before you purchase the license.

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